"Making Contacts, Building Relationships!" 

Leads 7 meets each Wednesday from 11:30-12:45 pm

Check out our Calendar of Events for more information.

 One representative from each industry is allowed to join as an exclusive member for Leads Group 7Guests will be asked to pay $12.00 by check (payable to Leads Group 7) or cash to attend the meeting; your first visit is on us! If you are interested in visiting or would like additional information about Leads Group 7, please contact the ChairSean Riley, Technology Services Group.

We look forward to helping your business grow!


Guests & New Members Information

Welcome and thank you for visiting our Leads Group 7! The purpose of our Leads Group is to provide networking opportunities through interactive weekly meetings for current Chamber members to have the opportunity to:

  • generate referrals
  • build relationships
  • share best business practices
  • and raise their visibility with in the business community 

Some things to consider when thinking of joining our Leads Group 7 Networking Group:

  • Our Leads Group 7 meets every Wednesday (except holidays) at Geo's Pool and Pub: 3260 Mahan Dr., Tallahassee, FL 32308. The best way to get there is to head East on Mahan and it will be the first turning lane past the Sunshine Savings Bank sign on the left. It is the unmarked building in the very back of the parking lot.
    We arrive between 11:15 – 11:25 to get settled, plate our food from the buffet and do some early bird networking.  The meeting begins promptly at 11:30 am with a 15-30 minute speaker or engaging workshop and then you'll have an opportunity to share your 30 second “elevator speech” during the Introductions segment.  
  • Each month, on the first Wednesday of the month, the Leads Group 7 Leadership Team will make an effort to have a small activity or workshop to help you grow personally and professionally.  You will find that quite a few members stay after the meeting to network, conduct 1-2-1's to pass out leads and to share some fellowship over a bite of fresh fruit, dessert or coffee. 
  • The meeting starts on time. REMEMBER, you would not be late to a meeting with a perspective client and you should consider every member in the group as a potential client. Also, please remember to dress appropriately (business or business casual, unless you have industry specific attire). 
  • You are welcome to visit as a guest one time, then, we ask that you decide whether you wish to join Leads 7 or not. If you would like to join Leads 7 (your business category must be available), you must attend 3 consecutive meetings before submitting an application to the Leads 7 Secretary.
Leads 7 Membership Dues are outlined below:

    • Membership Dues are fully tax deductible
    • You may pay by check when invoiced by the Leads 7 Treasurer
    • Annual Membership Dues (non-refundable): $732
      • 10% off if you pay annually: $658.80/YR
      • Or you may pay Quarterly: $183/QTR
    • New members will be prorated for their membership dues and are responsible for $12.00/visit (payable to Leads 7) as a guest.

If a member misses four (4) meetings in a quarter, they will be removed from the roster and their category will be re-opened to the next Chamber member on the waiting list. A member who is removed from the roster will be considered on “probation” and will need to attend 3 consecutive meetings to be added back to the roster if the category is open upon returning for the first of the 3 consecutive meetings. Only one (1) probation period is allowed for non-attendance. has volunteer substitutes available for your convenience.

All Leads Group Members must be in good standing with the Chamber and Guests must become a member after their first visit as a Guest to the Leads Group 7 Meeting if they would like to join the leads group as well.

All members must be respectful of the others and the referrals they receive. When joining a Leads Group, understand that referrals will come once members get to know you and are comfortable exchanging referrals with you. Be sure to make an effort to get to know every member in the Leads Group.  It is your responsibility to conduct at least one 1-2-1 visit with a member of our group each week, outside of our regularly scheduled meeting. You never know where your next referral will come from!

Please make it a point to visit often, Like us on Facebook and Join our Facebook Group too! This will allow the Leads 7 Leadership Team to stay in contact with you. 

Thank you for visiting our Leads 7 Group!  We hope you found us to be warm and inviting.


Your Leads 7 Leadership Team